Racey Rocket Shop Update

Early Access Shop Update

Dreamed of owning your own rocket ship? Avoid paying billions and check out Racey Rocket’s new shop! Your little racer will now look the part as you zoom around our challenging tracks.

But wait, there’s more. You can also purchase colorful Trails, so you’re always flying in style.

Earn credits just by spending time in the game and climbing up those leaderboards! Then buy yourself something nice for all that hard work. You can combine any Rockets or Trails you like – and more will be available for collecting soon!

Racey Rocket Shop

A huge thank you to everyone who has participated in the Early Access version so far, and especially to those who have left feedback on the Google Play Store. It really does mean a lot to us!


Haven’t tried Racey Rocket yet? Download the latest version here

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‘Racey Rocket’ Enters Early Access on Google Play

Racey Rocket will have you shooting through intense racetracks again, and again…and again to get the best time possible. Just one more try, you will say, and then some large amount of attempts later you will finally feel proud of that score.

Like testing upcoming indie games? Join in on Salmon Pirate’s newest creation ‘Racey Rocket’ – now in early access on the Google Play Store! You can get it here.

All Android users are encouraged to download the game and feedback is always greatly appreciated.

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Engaging Reward Systems

When the achievement is unlocked, the mission is passed, or the level has been upped, players expect and demand reward for their effort. Progression is present in all video games, and an engaging reward system can do wonders for player retention.

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Beat Bash on the Brink


Great News! Beat Bash is coming to the App Store later this week!

We are really excited to be launching and hope that you are ready to play!

The aim of Beat Bash is to block as many boxes as possible as the speed and intensity increases. To knock a box off of a column you need to slam down on the matching colour block. If you achieve a high enough combo you will enter combo mode which will add a huge bonus to your score! 

If you think you have great reflexes then get your hands on Beat Bash later this week on the App Store!


Failed Builds
Minutes for Unity to switch platform
Times considered uninstalling Xcode

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Beat Bash Beta

Hey, We are looking for some feedback on one of our latest projects!

There is a beta running on Google Play at the moment so if you are interested you can find it here!

Feedback areas
– Tutorial – Did you understand the tutorial?
– Controls – Was it easy to control?
– Difficulty – Was it too hard or too easy?
– Was it enjoyable?
– What would you like to see added/Changed?
– Anything else! Love to hear any thoughts you have


New Ideas

One of the best aspects of Unity is the ability it gives developers to quickly prototype ideas.

Our latest idea is a small, colourful game created to test your reflexes. We don’t currently have a name for it but the list is getting shorter.

Here is a snippet of gameplay from the newly added combo mode.

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New version of TacTiles

We recently released a new version of TacTiles on the Apple and Google stores!

The main reason for the update was the unfortunate shutting down of the Parse servers. It happened to be a blessing in disguise though as now TacTiles operates with a stronger and more flexible back-end. We also unlocked the Puzzle Creator in the free version which allows players to play and share their own creations with Facebook friends.

If you are yet to play you can download it here from the App Store and Google Play.

Don’t forget to leave a review, we are always looking to improve our games!

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